Welcome! Grove Ladder Farm is a 10 acre pasture-based livestock farm in east Sarasota County. The name references the antique grove ladders that hung in Chelsea’s home when she was growing up (read more about the significance of grove ladders here).Our family farm is home to NON GMO, soy-free, pasture raised chickens for meat and eggs and seasonal turkeys! In October of 2014 we began leasing farm land to expand our blossoming pastured poultry business through our first Chicken CSA and Online Farm Store Sales. Since 2014 we have purchased our own land, started selling our products at the Downtown Sarasota Farmers Market, and Phillippi Farmhouse Market, and are now working with several local restaurants including Lila SRQ, Pomona Bistro and Wine BarState Street Eating House, and Buttermilk Handcrafted Food. We also offer online ordering for a few different drop off locations throughout the week for farm fresh pick-ups.  While we raise a variety of animals on plot of land, it’s fair to say that just as much wild, unpredictable growth happens within our household. Our blog is a space to share all that we learn about home and hearth. Expect to hear a lot about food, family, creative work and hard work. There will be talk of birth, babies, beer, love, farming, spinning, knitting, music, community, leatherwork and more.


Our family shares responsibilities on the farm, although Tim bears the brunt of farm labor while Chelsea enjoys being artist-in-residence and PR director, tending to the blog more often than the garden. Chelsea is a mama and a story-teller. She attended a magical women’s college in the Blue Ridge mountains, where she cultivated a love of feminist theory, mysticism, hiphop and southern lit. She eventually moved back to Southwest Florida, where she and Tim were married in 2011. Chelsea has worked locally as a preschool teacher and as a birth doula, providing emotional and educational support to women in labor. She is currently relishing her role as resident domestic goddess at Grove Ladder Farm, sharing her days with her elfling daughters Celeste and Rosa Maeve. Together they do a little homeschooling, a lot of adventuring, and even some adventure-thrifting. In the past year, Chelsea has become a dedicated fiber artist, spending early mornings spinning and knitting up items for herself and all of her best loves. She works as a childbirth educator and midwifery advocate at a local birth center; otherwise her time is given to her family and her writing. Her recent fascinations include sheep, radical homemaking, children’s literature, Waldorf education, female friendships, goat cheese and the public library.


Tim is a farmer and babydaddy. He is a champion of all things local, in particular food and radio. Tim and Chelsea met in middle school, fell in love, parted ways, and reunited just in time to make a baby and get hitched. Tim likes being in a pasture just as much as he likes to be out on the Gulf of Mexico and tends to divvy up his time equally between the land and the water. He is a student of farming, always seeking out more information about soil, pastured poultry and other grassfed meats. He loves a good album, a good beer and good cigar. He puts great care into all that he does, and hopes to grow our family farm into a viable business while educating our community about the importance of local pasture-based meats along the way. In the meantime, he is content to share his free time with his flock of chickens, and his four beautiful ladies.