Grove Ladder Farm is a 10 acre, pasture-based livestock farm in east Sarasota County. Our family farm is home to non-GMO, soy-free, pasture raised chickens (for meat and eggs). We also raise turkeys every year in preparation for the holiday season! Our birds live on clean pastures, with plenty of access to tender grasses, bugs and sunlight. Everything on our farm moves, which means that our happy hens never sit on one spot for very long. We rely on moveable electric fencing and our wonderful livestock guardian dogs to protect our flocks from predators.




We are truly a small family business, run entirely by a husband and wife team. Our three daughters, Celeste (age 6), Rosa Maeve (age 4), and Guinevere (age 2) are at the center of farm life. We welcome visitors and maintain transparency with our customers regarding our farm practices.  We love providing our wonderful Sarasota community with quality meat and eggs- its an honor and pleasure to do the work we love, with your support.





You can purchase our farm products at the Downtown Sarasota Farmers Market year-round. We can also be found at two seasonal markets: Phillippi Farmhouse Market and the brand new Market at Lakewood Ranch. We also offer online ordering through our farm store for those who prefer to order their products ahead of time. Coming Summer 2018, we plan to offer a variety of pickup locations during the week for the convenience of our dedicated customers, to make supporting local as easy as can be. We have been blessed to worked with a variety of fantastic local restaurants, including Lila SRQ, Indigenous, Louies ModernState Street Eating House, and Buttermilk Handcrafted Food.


Thank you for visiting our site! Yours locally,
Tim & Chelsea Clarkson